The Blog Begins (first posted 28.07.09)

I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a while now and didn’t know if anyone would be that bothered whether I did or didn’t. So this is an experiment. I want to write about, well, writing. There are loads of good blogs out there by far more prolific scribes than I, which partly explains the aforementioned hesitation. However, I thought “what the hell”!

So what am I up to writing-wise at the moment? I have been ghost-writing a medical guide for a section of the NHS but that’s part of “work” and not really part of my secret life as a writer.

Well, I have things in the pipeline. There’s my novel , which has been about 5 years in the making which needs a polish following some very nice and constructive criticism from one agent I submitted it to. The Dream of Reason (“Good title” enthused another agent in a Shakespeare in Love stylee) is my crowning achievement to date. A fair few people have read it (before the last edit I did) and like it and now it is time for me to concentrate on getting it to as good a standard as I can possibly get it and then look at convincing some poor, unsuspecting agent to represent me and sell it the highest bidder for $5m. Or something.

Away from that I have a very exciting project about which I cannot speak coz it hasn’t been finalised yet and no contracts signed. However, I have my fingers crossed. It has been something have been batting away at for some months (even doing a fair bit of groundwork ahead of said contract – see how keen I am?) and await a final green light before I can explode the story to anyone willing to listen…

I also have a couple of other ideas placed elsewhere, but there has been next to no discussion about them as yet, so all I can say is: watch this space; which sometimes seems to be the tagline to my life, but I excuse myself by saying that I *do* run a company, too, and finding the time to do all the door-to-door that is necessary for an unknown like me takes, well, time.

So there you have it for now.

Do I feel better? Possibly.

I will do so even more when I have anything more concrete to share, believe me!