The snowball gathers momentum…

It has been a busy old time of late. I have been doing many wondrous things, some of which I can speak of; other that – as yet – I cannot. So, those that I can tell you something about:

1) Bernice Summerfield 11.4: Dead Man’s Switch.
What started life as the third instalment of the 11th season of Benny audios became the fourth one when it swapped places with Year Zero by Jonathan Clements. The script was a joy to write and it is always interesting to collaborate on a project and I must say John Dorney was a marvellous collaborator! The script was done and dusted very smoothly and was recorded back in May with not only the lovely Lisa Bowerman as the titular space archaeologist but also Maria McErlane (famous to me for – amongst other things – I’m not pissed, darling – a hilarious Fast Show sketch that I love) playing Matka. That sees the light of day in November and can be pre-ordered here:

2) Stargate 3.5: TBC
While I was co-writing the Benny script I was also writing a Stargate script fore the third season of audio dramas from Big Finish, although timing- wise the two scarcely clashed due to me handing Benny stuff over the John as Stargate deadlines loomed. The writing process for this was longer but this was because I wanted the script to be the best I could write. And I am very happy with the result. I understand it is now with MGM for approval and will be released later in 2010/early 2011. Although announced on the Big Finish podcast the story titles haven’t been disclosed yet so I cannot reveal it here – yet!

3) Doctor Who – Audio Short Trips: TBC
I loved the Big Finish Short Trips anthologies (yes, even those I wasn’t in) and was very pleased to hear that they were not dead and had regenerated into a series of talking books. Huzzah! I was approached by Xanna Eve Chown to write for the series because in Xana’s words ‘We want a few ‘old’ Big Finish writers in the mix alongside the new writers!’ And I was thrilled to oblige. Again due to no in-depth announcement I cannot reveal which Doctor or indeed which release I will be on. Watch this space…

4) Bernice Summerfield – Present Danger: TBC
Due to my involvement with the 11th season of Benny plays, I have been commissioned by Eddie Robson to provide a 4,000 word story for the Bernice Summerfield anthology, Present Danger. I cannot really say much moiré about this other than it is due in soon!

Then there are those things for which I have been commissioned, but I can’t say much about at all! So, for the moment, I won’t. More as and when…