L.A., Baby! (2013)

Richard in LA - March 2013

Richard in LA – March 2013

Wow. Has it really been two weeks since Gally finished? Where does the time go??Gallifrey One (for those that do not know) is the biggest and best Doctor Who convention on the planet. Every year for the past few years it has grown exponentially and this year there were some 3,600 attendees crammed into the LAX Marriot hotel.The con is a total blast and a privilege to attend with everyone from the fans to the guests all just out for a good time.
However, I can’t really justify five days of my time for a good time so this year I went about contacting as many people as I could to start my assault on Hollywood! This year was all about putting my name out there, making contacts and seeing how the game is played…

I should say at this stage how very grateful I am to so many people who gave their time to talk to this strange British writer!
On the Wednesday before the Convention, I spent the morning catching up with screenwriter, novelist and comicbook creator Paul Salamoff. It was a joy to shoot the breeze at his Burbank home and hear of his most amazing year since we last caught up. We then had a lovely lunch before he kindly dropped me a couple of blocks from Warner Bros to meet with fellow Tree Fu Tom writer, John Loy.
John is a legend and has worked on more TV series in the US, UK and Asia than anyone I know. We had a couple of beers and talked shop for a couple of hours, he has kindly agreed to do me a few favours and things are developing there…
Thursday dawned bright and sunny (a very welcome difference for this snow-tired Brit) and I was off to iconic Hollywood location: Bob’s Big Boy restaurant located at 4211 Riverside Drive. Here I met with the lead writer of the new Thunderbirds, Rob Hoegee.
Another man who has a great deal of experience, we had never met before but he proved to be a genuinely nice guy and we chatted about shows we liked, shows we didn’t and, of course, Thunderbirds (which falls into the former category)!
Sounds like the show is in very good hands and it really is something I would LOVE to write for. However, this was a long-shot meeting and I didn’t know what I would come away with. I don’t think it could have gone much better, though, with Rob agreeing to keep me under consideration…