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Supreme Dalek: Comp Copy Day!

It’s always exciting when comp copies arrive and today the comp copies for Supreme Dalek, my new book/kit from Running Press in the USA, have been delivered by the postman. As with the other 7 publications in the series (TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver, K9, Weeping Angel and Adipose), the model comes boxed with a 48-page in-universe history of the subject written by me. So this one covers off Supreme Daleks over the years – from the black ones of The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Chase through the gold and black one in The Day of the Daleks right up to the red and gold one seen in several “new Who” stories and on which the model is based. These are available from Amazon and all good bookshops and quite a few supermarkets and other outlets, too!

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I am the lead writer on Titan's 12th Doctor comic and have just written an episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! for ITV/Amazon. I'm the winner of the 2012 BBC Writersroom opportunity and have written many things across TV, books, comics and audio. Represented by The Agency in the UK and Zero Gravity in the USA.
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