Show I Helped Develop is BAFTA Nominated

I am thrilled to see that the TV show Go Jetters has been nominated for a Children’s BAFTA Award. I helped with the show’s development and have written for its first season so feel a certain amount of pride for this one.

Created by those amazing CBeebies people Barry Quinn and Katie Simmons (when it was called “Titch Hikers”), I was asked to work on the latter stages of its creation by (then) development producer Adam Redfearn, writing one of he three development scripts along with Adam and fellow scribe, Tim Bain.

I was then involved in the writers’ room for the series and was pleased to work for my old Tree Fu Tom script editor, Jo Allen (now promoted to Producer), pitching episode ideas and working them to script stage.

All the very best to Adam and Jo (the nominated producers) for November the 20th!