Covers revealed for the first of my 12th Doctor comics

The covers for the first issue of my run on Titan Comics’ 12th Doctor ongoing series have been released and they are all corkers! There are four variations that will available come July: cover A by Claudia Ianniciello (pictured above and below), cover B by Will Brooks, cover C by my old IDW DW mucker Blair Shedd and cover D by Andy Walker (all below).


When I tweeted these, Pearl Mackie herself (who is playing new companion, Bill) liked them – especially Claudia’s as it actually features her! This will be the first run of Titan’s 12th Doctor ongoing comic to feature the character and it has been an honour to be the first to bring her to life on the page.

The 12th Doctor #3.5 will be published on 5th July 2017 and marks the first issue of my initial three-part run on the comic.