First Date of Signing Tour for Doctor Who: Myths & Legends

The wonderful people at BBC Books have been putting together a series of events to tie in with the publication of my forthcoming Doctor Who book, Myths & Legends.

The first of these has now been announced and I can revealI will be at MCM London Comic Con on Sunday 28th May, talking about writing the book and then signing advance copies – a whole month before the official publication date!

If you can, do pop by and say “hello”! 🙂

Here are the full details:

Doctor Who Myths & Legends: Epic Tales from Alien Worlds:
Join author Richard Dinnick as he discusses the creative process for his latest Doctor Who opus, the very first illustrated book of Time Lord mythology, featuring epic tales from the Whoniverse. Doctor Who fans are not going to want to miss this!

· Panellists: Richard Dinnick, Moderator TBC
· Panel Duration: 30 minutes
· Exact Time: 1:45pm – 2:15pm
· Day: Sunday 28th of May
· Lower Platinum Suite – Author signing afterwards – Forbidden Planet Int.