DW Comic Art Question and Answer session: Short stories, Big Finish audios – you’ve even edited a sticker book! How did you become involved with Doctor Who comics?

Hard work and persistence! I was lucky enough to meet Denton Tipton at IDW out in LA at the Gallifrey One convention. We started talking and he liked some of my ideas and said I could have my first try-out in the IDW Doctor Who Special in 2012. So I had a 10-page story and was all set to do more when Titan took over the license. And they initially said that one who worked at IDW could work for them. So I didn’t approach them. I read Titan’s output and loved it.

But then Titan started to take on those who had written for IDW so I started to stalk Andrew James the senior editor at Titan and battered him into meeting with me. This was back in the summer of 2016. We chatted and got on and then I sent some ideas and he said: “I like this one. Let’s do that first and see how it goes…”

When I delivered the first script Andrew was super encouraging and had a real enthusiasm for my work and asked me for more. Which is pretty much where you join the story… SDCC have just announced that I am writing Titan’s exclusive comic for the iconic event and I couldn’t be happier!