@DWComicArt Q & A session: …and Bill?

Bill is one of my favourite companions ever. I love her for so many reasons: because she’s a person of colour and a LGBT+ character at a time when we still need to normalise that on TV. And because – you guessed it – she’s well-fleshed out and amazingly human. She also has a great comic streak running through her. She can puncture the Doctor’s pomposity and he can actually go along with her. They have a relationship very similar to the 7th Doctor and Ace, only she’s got a 21st century attitude to her that Ace didn’t. this means that while she respects the “old man” she’s not going to let that stop her cracking jokes and questioning him and his actions. And I adore that she *knows* all the SF tropes. I give her a quote from a very famous genre film in the first issue. It’s not a coincidence She *knows* the line, even if the Doctor hasn’t caught up on his binge watching…

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