Covers for my next 12th Doctor Story Revealed by Titan

The covers for my next 12th Doctor Story, Bill of Goods, have been released and as you can see Nardole puts in an appearance! Issue #3.9 will be a one-shot story that takes the TARDIS crew to a new destination where they face new creatures and new challenges…

Below are the amazing covers for that issue, due in shops 25th October. Cover A is an astounding piece of art by Adam Cadwell and Cover B is a Will Brooks photo masterpiece:


If you’re wondering what is happening with issue #3.8, once the Wolves of Winter wraps in issue #3.7 of the 12th Doctor’s third year run, I will be on hiatus for one issue as Titan’s exciting Lost Dimension special takes over!

See you in October! Bill, Nardole! With me! To the TARDIS! 🙂