Covers and Synopsis Revealed for my New Doctor Who Story

The covers for the first in a new run on Titan ongoing 12th Doctor comic have been revealed. They feature amazing artwork by Simon Myers & Rachel Smith and David Carr as well as a fantastic World Enough and TimeThe Doctor Falls photo montage cover by the irrepressible Will Brooks.

Titled A Confusion of Angels, the story does not feature Cybermen. However, there are some familiar faces showing up in the story with both the Host (from 2007’s Christmas Special , Voyage of the Damned) and the Weeping Angels (first seen in the same year’s Blink) putting in appearances.

And they are not the only returning characters. However, to say more really would be, well, “spoilers”…

Starring the 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole (with Missy in a supporting role), A Confusion of Angels starts in the Twelfth Doctor 3.10 and will be available in shops just in time for Doctor Who‘s 54th Anniversary – 22nd November 2017.