I am Writing for the New Missy Anthology from BBC Books

I am very excited to be able to announce that I am once more writing for BBC Books! Following on from my collection of 14 stories in Doctor Who Myths & Legends, I will be contributing a tale to the forthcoming release of The Missy Chronicles.

The book also has stories from Peter Anghelides, Paul Magrs, Jacqueline Rayner and Cavan Scott – all brought together by our editor Steve Cole – and will be published on 22nd February 2018.

As the promotional material says:


Know your frenemy!

‘I’ve had adventures too. My whole life doesn’t revolve around you, you know.’

When she’s not busy amassing armies of Cybermen, or manipulating the Doctor and his companions, Missy has plenty of time to kill (literally). In this all new collection of stories about the renegade Time

 Lord we all love to hate, you’ll discover just some of the mad and malevolent activities Missy gets up to while she isn’t distracted by the Doctor.

So please try to keep up…



Details of my specific story have not been made available, but I think fans will be pleased…

Doctor Who: The Missy Chronicles is now available for pre-order.