Covers revealed for the last part of my 12th Doctor Story, The Hordes of Heaven!

The covers for the final issue in year three of the 12th Doctor story run have been released and they are spectacular! As the title and the blurb might have suggested, this story – The Hordes of Heaven – features the return of the Weeping Angles! And now we can see them on the cover.

So join the 12th Doctor, Bill, Nardole and even Missy for one last trip before the third year draws to a close.

Below are the amazing covers for that issue, due in shops come February . Cover A is by Blair Shedd, Cover B is a photo masterpiece Weeping Angel extravaganza by the brilliant Will Brooks and Cover C is a great Groundhog Day homage by Simon Myers.


This is the last in the run for 12 for a while as Titan takes its Doctor Who ranges on hiatus for a few months.

What happens next? You’ll have to wait and see! It’s a cliffhanger…