New Literary Agent

The team of people looking after me and my work is growing. I am very pleased to announce that global literary rights for my works will now be handled by Moe Ferrara at BookEnds Literary Agency in the USA.

Moe is a wonderful agent and I am looking forward to working with her on projects in the New Year – starting off with the novelisation of my original IP work, Never After.

You can see the announcement and a short interview from yours truly on the BookEnds website.

The news follows on from my retaining top LA law firm Cohen Gardner LLP as my media law advisors in November, the brilliant new UK TV agent, Emily Smith at The Agency in February and the great Joe Riley at Zero Gravity as my US manager last year.

It is quite an odd – but very exciting – sensation to think I now actually have “people” for that expression: “let’s get your people to talk to my people”…

Onwards and upwards!