I am contributing a short story and a foreword to the new Brigadier anthology, “Lineage”!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be contributing not only a short story but also the foreword to the forthcoming Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart anthology, Lineage.

The Brigadier is one of the most loved characters from the worlds of Doctor Who. He has featured alongside almost all the Doctors at one time or another, in one medium or another since his introduction to the show in 1968.

Set around 1603, the story will take a look at the some of the Brigadier’s earliest relatives and the story of how they met…

The gig came about when I saw that the curator’s of the Brigadier’s legacy, Candy Jar books and the estate of Mervyn Haisman (the creator of the character) had delved back into real history to provide a backstory for his lineage, saying on their website:

From its earliest origins with the Clan Stewart in Scotland, and the Lethbridges in Devon, England, the name has a storied past. Historical figures, history makers, military heroes…”

Candy_Jar_Lineage_Cover_UPDATED_webIt just so happens that my 3rd great grandmother was, herself, a Lethbridge from Devon and was the matriarch of my own lineage!

When I told candy Jar of this link they offered me the chance to write the foreword to the book, something I have never done before but I was hugely honoured to do. Then they asked if I was interested in penning a top and tail for the anthology.

I jumped at the chance. Especially as the Brigadier was one of the reasons I joined the army and he made his first appearance on TV a week or so after I was born, so you could say we are time twins… ish.

I alsohad the very great honour of meeting Nick Courtney and interviewing him a few times as well as attending his moving memorial service in London. I have written for the character before, in my Big Finish audio drama, The Rings of Ikiria.

The result is tentatively titled The Soothsayer:

William Stewart and Mary Lethbridge discover that a mysterious stranger is intent on stopping their wedding and diverting the course of history – at any cost! [Set in 1603]

The book will be published later this year.

Pre-order Lethbridge-Stewart: Lineage from the Candy Jar website.