My Schedule for the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles

My Guests Sessions at Gallifrey One: The 29 Voyages – the biggest and best Doctor Who convention in the world – has been confirmed and is as follows:

Friday, February 16

Hell Bent:
The universe of Doctor Who is populated by myths and legends from a broad variety of cultures, especially the darker ones. From no less than three explanations for the doom of Atlantis, to demons from yesteryear, be they in the bowels of a planet at the edge of a black hole or buried under the fields of Devil’s End, from ancient vampires sleeping in a pocket of E-Space to modern vampires trolling the canals of Venice, and tales based upon those of ancient Greece, Egypt, Norse gods and even Lovecraft – it all makes for some great television. We’ll look at the impact of mythology, the Underworld, and the dark places of the universe on Doctor Who.
GUESTS: Richard Dinnick • Barbara Hambly
PANELISTS: Nicole Carlson • Clay Dockery • Elizabeth Gunther

Doctor Who Crossover: Red Shirt Edition
Continuing on last year’s panel of our Crossover “Villains Edition”, this year’s theme tackles the epic problem, “Who is the worst possible companion for the Doctor?” Which epic fail of a companion would get the Doctor killed the quickest, get him into the most trouble or just plain annoy him to no end? Could it be a colicky toddler, a crotchety old fussbudget, or even a modern politician? Our panelists will present their case for the character they think will be the best and thus the worst and let the audience decide. Let the games begin!
GUEST: Richard Dinnick
PANELISTS: Mike Ackerman • Lauren Gallo • Ben Paddon

The Past, Present and Future of Doctor Who Fiction
A lively roundtable chat with writers of Doctor Who fiction, in novel, audio and comics form, to discuss what they’ve done, what they have coming up, and the directions the narrative will take in the future.
GUESTS: Peter Anghelides • Jenny Colgan • Richard Dinnick • John Dorney • Matt Fitton • Tony Lee • George Mann • Cavan Scott • Rob Shearman • Mike Tucker

Autographs in the Gallifrey One 2018 Autograph Alley.
Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • Tony Lee • George Mann • Terry Molloy • Cavan Scott

Saturday, February 17

Autographs (at Titan Comics)
Please note: at this Autograph session, writers and artists will be signing at the Titan Comics booth in the Dealers Room.
GUESTS: Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • George Mann • Cavan Scott

The Future of Comics and the Conquest of the Silver Screen
Comics today dominate the media… imagine that! We’ll take a look at the good and the bad surrounding the comic conquest of film and television, and where it might be heading.
GUESTS: Richard Dinnick • Tony Lee • George Mann • Cavan Scott • David Tipton • Scott Tipton • Marv Wolfman

Titan Comics: 2018 Preview
Chris Thompson of Titan Comics joins us along with a panel of special guests (including a surprise or two) to talk about Titan’s current and forthcoming lines of Doctor Who comics and special releases…
GUESTS: Paul Cornell • Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • Christopher Jones • George Mann • Jessica Martin • Cavan Scott • Chris Thompson

8:30pm – 11:00pm
The Masquerade of Mandragora 2018
Our Saturday night showcase, hosted by Tony Lee with special guest judge Richard Dinnick. Enjoy a procession of costumes from Doctor Who and the science fiction & fantasy world on our main stage, as costumers display their talents and compete for best-in-show and other awards.
GUEST JUDGE: Richard Dinnick

Sunday, February 18

12:00pm – 1.45pm
The 2018 Bob May Memorial Charity Auction, Benefitting the Pop Culture Hero Coalition
Join Richard Dinnick as the first guest auctioneer at Gallifrey One’s annual charity event. This year, as we’ve announced, the charity auction – as always, named in honor of our dear friend Bob May from Lost in Space – will be benefitting the Pop Culture Hero Coalition. Donations for the auction are always accepted and this year, you can drop off your donations at the first door down the Exhibitor Table hallway!
GUESTS: Richard Dinnick • Chase Masterson

Autographs in the Gallifrey One 2018 Autograph Alley.
GUESTS: Jenny Colgan • Richard Dinnick • Simon Fraser • George Mann • Jamie Mathieson • Cavan Scott • Mike Tucker

Kaffeeklatsch with Richard Dinnick and Robert Napton
Kaffeeklatsches are small events with guests and up to 12 fan attendees. Sign-ups are required; online sign-ups will take place prior to the convention (with any slots left available to be filled when the Kaffeeklatsch desk opens at 10am Friday morning). The Kaffeeklatsch desk is located next to Member Services and adjacent to the elevators on the convention floor.
GUESTS: Richard Dinnick • Robert Napton

6:15pm – 7:00pm
Closing Ceremonies
The tears, the sighs, the heartfelt goodbyes… the Board of Directors of Gallifrey One bid you farewell, and request the honor of your presence at our 2019 convention. Come say goodbye to our guests and toast another successful year!

If you’re attending Gallifrey One, I hope to see you there at some point over the long weekend. 🙂