Full Covers revealed for 7th Doctor Comic

The final covers of the Seventh Doctor comic, for which I am writing the back up strip have been revealed in all their gorgeousness. They bear the the new Doctor Who logo – which I love – and lines up my name beside some pretty big Who luminaries. 🙂

Ben Aaronovitch (writer of the TV stories Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield as well as the runaway hit novel series, The Rivers of London) and Andrew Cartmel (former script editor on the show, the force behind the famous “Cartmel Masterplan” and author of the bestselling Vinyl Defective series of books) are penning the main story, Operation Volcano – all edited by the legendary John Freeman!


The art for this is being provided by the awesome Chris Jones who did the stunning artwork for the Third Doctor mini-series with colour by Marco Lesko. I am so thrilled that Jessica Martin – who is an amazing polymath when it comes to talent: actor, singer, comedian, writer and artist – is on art duties for my back up strip – A Hill of Beans. The colour on this will be provided by Charlie Kirchoff, who was on colour duties for my very first Doctor Who comic back in 2012.

Jessica played the character of Mags in the 7th Doctor story, the Greatest Show in the Galaxy and is not only bringing her artistic skills to bear on the project but also drawing Mags, created by Stephen Wyatt, as she is the guest star in the story.



The covers are all spectacular and have there are four variants as well as a blank “sketch” cover: A by Alice X Zhang, B by Will Brooks, C by Chris Jones himself and D by Simon Myers.

The comic launches with a double issue in June and you can pre-order it now.