ROB – Coming Soon From Legendary Entertainment

The logo for my new comic book, ROB – a reimagining of the Robin Hood mythos – from Legendary Entertainment has been revealed, which means the comic itself won’t be far behind…

ROB takes the story we know so well and looks at it from a new angle. How did a young man – one prone to hotheadedness and isn’t that great at archery – become the legend we think we know? Set in the far, far future when the Earth’s resources have been depleted and feudalism has returned as the dominant form of society, ROB takes our hero and his gang of friends away from the familiar territory of Sherwood and out into a brand new, old world.

Be sure to check back for details of the panel the team behind ROB have recorded for SDCC Online this year. Legendary will be revealing artwork and the talented people who have made the comic look fantastic.