I am writing for ITV’s “Robin Of Sherwood” in a new series of audio plays

Anyone who knows me knows I adore Robin Hood. From Errol Flynn and Richard Todd via Disney’s foxy outlaw, John Cleese and Sean Connery all the way to Kevin Costner, Jonas Armstrong and Russell Crowe – I love them all. Hell, I am even writing my own take on the mythos in Rob: Young Robin Hood for Legendary Entertainment (coming later this year).

So I am especially thrilled to announce that I am writing a script for the iconic ITV show, Robin of Sherwood. which is returning with a series of audio plays from production company , Spiteful Puppet.


The series features the cast from the original TV show with both iterations of the onscreen Robin present and correct. I will be writing one of the stories for Michael Praed’s Robin of Loxley alongside Judi Trott as Marian.

Story details and guest casting news to follow. Watch this space!

Not treading water no more (first posted 10.03.10)

It has been some months since I wrote that I was “treading water” on the writing front. For all the difference between then and now, it could have been aeons.
So what’s been happening? Well, things have been moving pretty fast. I have made many friends in the industry over the last six months and cemented other relationships that were already blossoming (should you cement something that is blossoming? Sounds wrong, but there you go…) Continue reading

The Blog Begins (first posted 28.07.09)

I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a while now and didn’t know if anyone would be that bothered whether I did or didn’t. So this is an experiment. I want to write about, well, writing. There are loads of good blogs out there by far more prolific scribes than I, which partly explains the aforementioned hesitation. However, I thought “what the hell”! Continue reading