ROB Chapter 4 is Now Live!

Legendary Entertainment have uploaded the next thrilling instalment in the ROB story to the digital Webtoon platform. Written by me, with art by Magda Price, colours by Eren Angiolini, lettering by Tyler Smith ad music (!) by Andrew Edwards.







Rob has been rescued by Blondel, Johan and Alem. They’ve have brought Scarlett along for the ride, too. But with their sabotage scheme in tatters, is this the end of the adventure, or has Rob got a plan up his sleeve? And can Scarlett really be trusted? Or Blondel’s mercenaries?

Find out in Chapter 4!

You can read ROB for free here on the Webtoon site or download the app to view on your smartphone or tablet. You only have to create an account, which is also free.

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Thank you.

Enjoy! 🙂

First Preview of ROB, my original comic coming next week from Legendary and Webtoon!

Those lovely people at SY FY WIRE have written an awesome preview of my creator-owned comic, ROB. FIVE days and counting…

“This inventive, action-packed new take on the Robin Hood story arrives next week on Webtoon…”

See the whole preview with lots of sneak peaks at the amazing art from Magda Price, Eren Angiolini, and Miguel Sepulveda.

Join the Legendary COMIC CON@HOME panel for ROB!

The fine people at Legendary have put together a panel as part of the virtual SDCC this year: COMIC CON@HOME and as part of that we’ll be giving a sneak preview of ROB, my new “RenPunk” take on the Robin Hood mythos.

In the video, you can join me, Robert Napton (SVP of publishing at Legendary), artist Magda Price, colorist Eren Angiolini with Jann Jones of Legendary as our host and guide. Please go to YouTube to watch!

The Webtoon comic is coming in later in 2020 with a hard print, graphic novel to follow.

ROB – Coming Soon From Legendary Entertainment

The logo for my new comic book, ROB – a reimagining of the Robin Hood mythos – from Legendary Entertainment has been revealed, which means the comic itself won’t be far behind…

ROB takes the story we know so well and looks at it from a new angle. How did a young man – one prone to hotheadedness and isn’t that great at archery – become the legend we think we know? Set in the far, far future when the Earth’s resources have been depleted and feudalism has returned as the dominant form of society, ROB takes our hero and his gang of friends away from the familiar territory of Sherwood and out into a brand new, old world.

Be sure to check back for details of the panel the team behind ROB have recorded for SDCC Online this year. Legendary will be revealing artwork and the talented people who have made the comic look fantastic.

“Lost In Space: Volume 2” Hits the Shelves!

The new volume of my Lost in Space comic tie-in with the hit Netflix show is now out!

“Quality Time” is my story that focuses on Will Robinson’s relationship with the Robot and how they work together when danger threatens them both. There is also a Dr Smith story from Brian Buccellato.

Both have beautiful artwork by the incredible Zid (see his cover, above!).

Countdown to Danger 2 is available at all good comic stores and online.

You can find it at Amazon UK here:

And in the US here:

If you’re coming to San Diego Comic Con be sure to find me to sign your copy!

Reviews are in for The 13th Doctor Volume #0…

Not long to go now until The 13th Doctor Volume #0: the Many Lives of Doctor Who hits the shops, shelves and sites and reviews are starting to come in from around the comics industry. I am happy to report they are all resoundingly – and hugely – positive.

Here’s a taste:

“…a celebration of the character’s lengthy history.”

 – Hollywood Reporter

“Some things are worth stopping the presses for… The result is a book full of great Easter Eggs and special references for passing fans and diehards alike.  Along with Dinnick’s great voice for each incarnation of the Doctor…  This may be one of the biggest comic book issues of the year.”

 – Borg


“…serves a wonderful celebration of all the Doctor is and all that she will be.”

 – Geeks WorldWide

“…a great jumping-on point for the new series.”


“The ultimate Doctor Who celebration, a perfect beginner’s guide and a brilliant tribute for long-term fans!”

 – Comic Crusaders

“Definitely worth the wait…excitement is very evident in the world of comic books as Titan Comics…Writer Richard Dinnick is joined by a whole host of talented artists who have put their skills together to bring the new Doctor to life… So much Who goodness in such a short space of time!”

 – Two Geeky Chicks

The 13th Doctor Volume #0: the Many Lives of Doctor Who is available to pre order:

On Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US)

On Comixology (UK) 

And will be on sale soon at Forbidden Planet and all good comicbook shops!

“Hollywoood Reporter” breaks the news that I am writing Lost in Space Comic

I am over the moon to announce that I am writing for Legendary Entertainment’s reboot of the 60s sci-fi classic , Lost in Space, which is currently available on Netflix. As detailed in today’s Hollywood Reporter, I have written a four-part prequel comic to the hugely successful TV show, to be drawn by incredible artist, Zid.


I will be talking about this new and exciting project alongside my work on my own series – Rob – on the Legendary Panel at SDCC this Friday, 20th July between 1800-1900 in Room 29AB.

The following day, I’ll be signing ashcans of the new comic – that’s Saturday, July 21st between 1400-1500 in the autograph area.


One of the most exciting aspects of the project is highlighting the differences and similarities between the cast of the 1960s show and the modern day Robsinson family (John, Will, the Robot and Maureen – above – and Judy and Penny – below).


Alongside the scheming and layered “Dr Smith’…


It was such a privilege to write and a huge responsibility to try and get all the characterisations correct, but with the guiding light of Robert Napton at Legendary and along with executive producers Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni – awesome keepers of the Irwin Allen flame at Prometheus Entertainment –  I think we’ve done them all justice.


Writing a separate arc alongside me, I am very proud to say is comics legend Brian Buccellato, who has worked on many titles including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Hellblazer and The Black Bat.

The comic, with the title “Countdown to Danger”, will be released in four volumes starting in October 2018.

More details soon. 😀

Covers for Part 3 of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series

The covers for the 3rd part of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series were recently revealed in the May Previews. And aren’t they gorgeous?

The first is an artwork cover from Chris Jones and the second is a photographic one from Will Brooks.

The 7th Doctor mini-series is being published by Titan and the first double issue will be hitting the shelves on 6th June. The main strip – “Operation Volcano” – is being written by Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch with art by Chris Jones.

I am providing the back-up strip – “A Hill of Beans” – with art by the awesome Jessica Martin who played Mags the werewolf in the 7th Doctor story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy to which this strip is a sequel, and reunites Mags with the 7th Doctor and Ace.

You can pre-order the digital version of issue one on Amazon and you can pre-order all the printed issues with the different variants covers at  Forbidden Planet.

My First Doctor Who Comic Colection – Coming in 2018

Titan Comics is collecting my three-issue story, The Wolves of Winter into a hardback and softback graphic novel in February 2018. The story features the 12th Doctor and Bill alongside a crew of Vikings and a party of desperate Ice Warriors and a few blasts from the past he wasn’t expecting!

WoW - 12 vol 6Here’s the blurb and a great quote:

“In Bill’s first comic adventure, the TARDIS crashes into the heart of a Viking camp! It seems that a terrifying alien force has taken hold over the icy kingdom. As the snow melts, the Doctor realises that he is about to face an unwelcome face from the past…”

Comparisons to the show aside, this is a fantastic comic. Every element – the story, the art, the colors – work together in perfect harmony. – Kabooooom


The release will also include my one-shot story, The Great Shopping Bill, which sees Bill find a missing girl in the largest supermarket n the galaxy – the Ubermarket! But not everything is as it seems…

You can pre-order this new collection on Amazon now.