New Interview at We Are Cult!

To tie in with the publication in the UK of my BBC Book, Doctor Who Myths & Legends, and the continuing series of 12th Doctor adventures that I am writing for Titan comics, that jolly nice chap, James Gent, has interviewed me for the online magazine site, We Are Cult.

Do pop over to the We Are Cult website to read about my journey as a writer (bumpy!), my favourite films, who my heroes are and and what I have coming up in the future (exciting!).

@DWComicArt Q& A session: What books did you enjoy as a child?

Way too many to mention! I loved magic and space ships and dragons and wizards and knights and aliens and ghosts and weirdness. So everything by CS Lewis (Narnia and SciFi), Elizabeth Beresford, John Christopher (who did WAY more than just the Tripods trilogy), Gordon R Dickson (Time Storm! Wow!), Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Piers Anthony (especially the Incarnations of Immortality series), and so many, many others. But also animals and things; so I loved Gerald Durrell and Farley Mowat, too. Plus I was always a sucker for those science books that looked to the future and had things like fields of cows in round skyscrapers!

@DWComicArt Q & A session: …and Bill?

Bill is one of my favourite companions ever. I love her for so many reasons: because she’s a person of colour and a LGBT+ character at a time when we still need to normalise that on TV. And because – you guessed it – she’s well-fleshed out and amazingly human. She also has a great comic streak running through her. She can puncture the Doctor’s pomposity and he can actually go along with her. They have a relationship very similar to the 7th Doctor and Ace, only she’s got a 21st century attitude to her that Ace didn’t. this means that while she respects the “old man” she’s not going to let that stop her cracking jokes and questioning him and his actions. And I adore that she *knows* all the SF tropes. I give her a quote from a very famous genre film in the first issue. It’s not a coincidence She *knows* the line, even if the Doctor hasn’t caught up on his binge watching…

@DWComicArt Q & A session: You’ve written stories for many DW companions – Ian, Mike Yates, Bernice Summerfield. What makes a companion great?

And there are many I’d love to write for, too! I love so many of them. I think, even though those three are amazingly different, they are all such well-fleshed out characters. I would argue that Mike had the most character development in the pre-2005 series than any other character. He was complex and did the wrong thing for misguided reasons – like we all do from time to time. Generally, companions are human and they need to display human emotion and vulnerability and empathy.

DW Comic Art Question and Answer session: Short stories, Big Finish audios – you’ve even edited a sticker book! How did you become involved with Doctor Who comics?

Hard work and persistence! I was lucky enough to meet Denton Tipton at IDW out in LA at the Gallifrey One convention. We started talking and he liked some of my ideas and said I could have my first try-out in the IDW Doctor Who Special in 2012. So I had a 10-page story and was all set to do more when Titan took over the license. And they initially said that one who worked at IDW could work for them. So I didn’t approach them. I read Titan’s output and loved it.

But then Titan started to take on those who had written for IDW so I started to stalk Andrew James the senior editor at Titan and battered him into meeting with me. This was back in the summer of 2016. We chatted and got on and then I sent some ideas and he said: “I like this one. Let’s do that first and see how it goes…”

When I delivered the first script Andrew was super encouraging and had a real enthusiasm for my work and asked me for more. Which is pretty much where you join the story… SDCC have just announced that I am writing Titan’s exclusive comic for the iconic event and I couldn’t be happier!

Featured Guest on This Month’s Doctor Who: Panel to Panel Podcast!

The lovely Jeremy Bement has interviewed me for his podcast about Doctor Who comics – Panel to Panel.

We chat about all sorts of things including my first run on Titan’s 12th Doctor series as well as other comic book and GN projects, my love of James Bond, my time at Big Finish and a whole load of other stuff about writing in general and Doctor Who in particular.

Why not have a listen if you have a few minuets? 🙂