Doctor Who Anniversary Announcement: I am writing for the Doctor Who comic!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be working for Titan Publishing on their ongoing range of DOCTOR WHO titles in 2017. I cannot say which Doctor (or Doctors! :P) I am writing for, nor the nature of the story (or stories!! haha) just yet. Shhh. Spoilers!

Rest assured that as soon as I can, I will be shouting from every rooftop. I want to thank that splendid fellow, Senior Editor Andrew James, for his faith in me and his kind comments about my writing. Roll on next year! This is truly very exciting! ūüôā

Show I Helped Develop is BAFTA Nominated

I am thrilled to see that the TV show¬†Go Jetters has been nominated for a Children’s BAFTA Award. I helped with the show’s development and have written for its first season so feel a certain amount of pride for this one.

Created by those amazing CBeebies people Barry Quinn and Katie Simmons (when it was called “Titch Hikers”), I was asked to work on the latter stages of its creation¬†by (then) development producer Adam Redfearn, writing one of he three development scripts along with Adam and fellow scribe, Tim Bain.

I was then involved in the writers’ room for the series and was pleased to work for¬†my old Tree Fu Tom script editor, Jo Allen (now promoted to Producer), pitching episode ideas and working them to script stage.

All the very best to Adam and Jo (the nominated producers) for November the 20th!

Supreme Dalek: Comp Copy Day!

It’s always exciting when comp copies arrive and today the comp copies for Supreme Dalek, my new book/kit from Running Press in the USA, have been delivered by the postman. As with the other 7¬†publications in the series (TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver, K9, Weeping Angel and Adipose), the model¬†comes boxed with a 48-page in-universe history of the subject written by me. So this one covers off Supreme Daleks over the years – from the black ones of The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Chase¬†through the gold and black one in The Day of the Daleks right up to the red and gold one seen in several “new Who” stories and on which the model is based. These are available from Amazon and all good bookshops and quite a few supermarkets and other outlets, too!

Available on BBC iPlayer

My latest episode of Tree Fu Tom is once more available on the BBC iPlayer. For the next 21 days (from 18th Sept) you can watch “Friendship Day“.

“It’s Friendship Day and Twigs has been put in charge of things. As Twigs is panicking about the buddy buns that haven’t arrived, Treetog summons Tom and Twigs to undertake a special mission. She wants them to deliver the Rainbow Crystal of Friendship to this year’s two special friends – Squirmtum and Zigzoo. However, they soon discover that Squirmtum and Zizoo have fallen out over something and aren’t talking to each other! With no special friends and no buddy buns, it looks like Friendship Day could be doomed!


Doctor Who: Underwater War coming soon

Two new editions of my Doctor Who novel, Underwater War are being published by penguin Random House/BBC Books. The Kindle version is already available and the new paperback will be out on the 27th September. 

In Underwater War, the Eleventh Doctor and his companions arrive¬†on the Cosmic Rover, a spaceship orbiting the water planet Hydron. Joining the crew, they journey underwater on an apparently scientific exploration. But nothing is as it seems on the high-tech submarine. And when a virus infects the crew, the Doctor discovers the ship is hiding a dangerous secret …

Development writer at NBC Universal

FILE - This Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009, file photo, the NBC Universal logo hangs on a building in Los Angeles. NBCUniversal will pay $6.4 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by unpaid interns who worked on ¬ďSaturday Night Live¬Ē and other shows who claim they are owed wages, according to court documents. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

Working at NBC: a dream come true!

I am really excited to announce that I have been selected by NBC Universal to be one of the writers on their Sprout development initiative for this year. I flew out to meet with NBC back in February and they liked my work and the initial ideas I pitched them. So now, I am working for NBC Universal (a dream come true!), developing TV shows for their pre-school channel Sprout. Everything else is NDA‚Äôd so I will post any further updates whenever I can but it won‚Äôt be for a while. ‚ėļ

Go Jetters Officially Announced by BBC

Go Jetters, the show I helped develop for the BBC has of1220618_go-jetters-636.gifficially been announced. Under producer Adam Redfern, I wrote one of the two development scripts for the series that allowed commissioners¬†to see how the show might play. I¬†was subsequently in two sessions of the¬†writers room when Go Jetters¬†was green lit and have contributed several ideas to the show. ūüôā

Staff Writer for LA-based TV shows

hollywoodAfter an exciting three day trip to LA at the end of March (lovely weather, great hotel, fun times) I am delighted to say that I am now a bone fide staff writer for a US writers room!

This makes me very happy. The shows are all WGA accredited so I can now join the Writers Guild of America. Being a WGGB member helps!

More information on the shows when I can…

It was great to catch up with TV pros David Wise, Audry Taylor, Shawna Benson, Christine Boylan and Tim Davis – and to meet so many new people in the writers room – many of whom I recognised by name!

Head Writer on Captain Extraordinary

Captain Extraordinary - battling against the Forces of Extreme Naughtiness!

Captain Extraordinary – battling against the Forces of Extreme Naughtiness!

I am very pleased to say that I am now acting as Head Writer on a second TV show. This one is a really fun, action-packed, humorous half hour format with the eponymous Captain Extraordinary leading the Universal Laws of Justice against the Forces of Extreme Naughtiness. Created by the brilliant Howard and Kathy Rushfirth, Captain Extraordinary really does live up to his name, marrying a peculiar British aesthetic with the international appeal of a superhero. Great stuff! Watch this space for the Big RedBot, The Flaming Nuisance, the Yellow Snowmen of Kreepia and Piggijak the Universal Royal Pain!