That Was The Year That Was: 2014 (part1)

It’s been quite a year for me so (as I do every year) it’s time for a retrospective. This is a useful exercise for any writer as it helps you see what you’ve actually been doing with your time (apart from the writing of course)! So join me on the first leg of a journey back in time through the past year… Continue reading “That Was The Year That Was: 2014 (part1)”

More Tree Fu Tom

Last month (as part of a very select few) I was invited back to the writers’ room at Tree Fu Tom. We had two days of brainstorming at the offices of the shows animations gurus, Blue Zoo. It was brilliant to be surrounded by such quick wits and enthusiastic creatives. We managed to come up with about 20 or so new episode ideas, one of which I was asked to flesh out and am pleased to say I have now been commissioned to write. Continue reading More Tree Fu Tom

Moshi Monsters Writers Room

I was as pleased as a Furi with a face full of food back in 2013 when I was invited to attend a series of writers rooms for the proposed Moshi Monsters TV Series. I met a lot of new people and contributed a lot of ideas. This came back to serve me well at the recent Kids TV Writers’ Christmas do. A couple of writers who had attended the same writers’ rooms said how impressed they’d been by my focus and wanted me to write for the show they were now working on! Continue reading Moshi Monsters Writers Room