My Schedule for Gallifrey One 2019

My Guests Sessions at Gallifrey One: 30 years in the TARDIS  – the biggest and best Doctor Who convention in the world – has been confirmed and is as follows:

Friday, February 15

Program E

Program D

Autograph Alley

Program C

Saturday, February 16

Program C

Kaffeeklatsch Room

Autograph Alley

Program D

Program C (Adults Only)

Sunday, February 17

Progam B

Program A

If you’re attending Gallifrey One, I hope to see you there at some point over the long weekend. 

Original Crime Drama in Development!

I am extremely happy to announce that one of my original crime dramas has been optioned and is in development with production company Chrysalis vision.

The deal for the show, currently titled SURFACE TENSION, was brokered by my agent Emily Smith at The Agency (London) and signed in early September.

Development has already started.

More news as and when I can.


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Reviews are in for The 13th Doctor Volume #0…

Not long to go now until The 13th Doctor Volume #0: the Many Lives of Doctor Who hits the shops, shelves and sites and reviews are starting to come in from around the comics industry. I am happy to report they are all resoundingly – and hugely – positive.

Here’s a taste:

“…a celebration of the character’s lengthy history.”

 – Hollywood Reporter

“Some things are worth stopping the presses for… The result is a book full of great Easter Eggs and special references for passing fans and diehards alike.  Along with Dinnick’s great voice for each incarnation of the Doctor…  This may be one of the biggest comic book issues of the year.”

 – Borg


“…serves a wonderful celebration of all the Doctor is and all that she will be.”

 – Geeks WorldWide

“…a great jumping-on point for the new series.”


“The ultimate Doctor Who celebration, a perfect beginner’s guide and a brilliant tribute for long-term fans!”

 – Comic Crusaders

“Definitely worth the wait…excitement is very evident in the world of comic books as Titan Comics…Writer Richard Dinnick is joined by a whole host of talented artists who have put their skills together to bring the new Doctor to life… So much Who goodness in such a short space of time!”

 – Two Geeky Chicks

The 13th Doctor Volume #0: the Many Lives of Doctor Who is available to pre order:

On Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US)

On Comixology (UK) 

And will be on sale soon at Forbidden Planet and all good comicbook shops!

The Cosplay, the Message and the Impact: a 13th Doctor story…

I posted the following story on Facebook and the lovely reaction to it made me think I should give it a wider audience. A year ago last week I dressed up as the newly announced 13th Doctor – Jodie Whittaker – at San Diego Comic Con. I had great help from two wonderful people – expert cosplayers both: Taylor Deatherage (costume) and Elly Glavich (make-up).

The fact that a man was cosplaying the first female Doctor even made the genre news site – Bleeding Cool. Somehow, they managed to totally miss my message which I had pummelled everyone with – that the vociferous backlash on social media against a woman in the part was at best a pathetic knee-jerk and at worst undiluted misogyny of the worst kind.


I was trying to say: “It’s going to be OK. Jump on board!” and also to send a message to women in every corner of Whodom – including my daughter – that I was 100% behind the decision and the casting and was seriously excited about it.

DFc2GamXgAEoK1h-600x450 (1)

My move surprised a lot of people – including fellow Who scribe Paul Cornell (above) as I turned up to one of my Titan Comics signings in costume.

I should say that although I love fancy dress parties I have never cosplayed before and don’t foresee another instance of cosplay in the future. This was a one-off for a serious cause.

What, you are asking, is the point of this story?

Well, fast forward to this year’s San Diego Comic Con. I am doing a lot of work with Doctor Who and BBC America and even the 13th Doctor, so I was invited to the prestigious BBC America Doctor Who Party.

I met Jodie – who was amazing. She is such a kind, joyous, force of nature. Always smiling, always positive, always welcoming. She introduced herself and I told her how excited I was about her casting and how thrilled my Daughter, Emily, was about getting our first female Doctor.

She asked how old Emily was and I told her she was 13, but about to be 14 in the next few days. Jodie immediately demanded my phone and recored a lovey message for her; one that mirrored my own reasons for dressing as her the year before.

Wonderful, right?

I did not tell her about my cosplay outing the year before. However, while chatting to new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, someone told him about it and said there was a video of it.


He asked to see so I showed him…

When I’d shown it to him he dragged me back over to Jodie to show her! As it was playing she said “Yeah. I’ve seen it. My husband showed it me and said ‘if this is how much the guys who *write* Doctor Who are behind you, you’ve got nothing to worry about!’.”

I told her that was thew whole reason I did it. And she looked at me and said “That was you??” Chris told her it was and she smiled and grabbed my phone (again!), pausing the video at the point where I take the hood off to reveal my face. “You even got my roots!!” she exclaimed, laughing. She then gave me back the phone and made me pose with the paused video and took a photo of me!

Yes, Jodie Whittaker took a photo of me at Comic Con!!

And, of course, I tool one with her, too.


But I am so thrilled that by donning her costume to show support for women fans of the show, it had reached Jodie herself and had made her feel less anxious about the reaction to her casting.

Job totally done. 🙂

“Hollywoood Reporter” breaks the news that I am writing Lost in Space Comic

I am over the moon to announce that I am writing for Legendary Entertainment’s reboot of the 60s sci-fi classic , Lost in Space, which is currently available on Netflix. As detailed in today’s Hollywood Reporter, I have written a four-part prequel comic to the hugely successful TV show, to be drawn by incredible artist, Zid.


I will be talking about this new and exciting project alongside my work on my own series – Rob – on the Legendary Panel at SDCC this Friday, 20th July between 1800-1900 in Room 29AB.

The following day, I’ll be signing ashcans of the new comic – that’s Saturday, July 21st between 1400-1500 in the autograph area.


One of the most exciting aspects of the project is highlighting the differences and similarities between the cast of the 1960s show and the modern day Robsinson family (John, Will, the Robot and Maureen – above – and Judy and Penny – below).


Alongside the scheming and layered “Dr Smith’…


It was such a privilege to write and a huge responsibility to try and get all the characterisations correct, but with the guiding light of Robert Napton at Legendary and along with executive producers Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni – awesome keepers of the Irwin Allen flame at Prometheus Entertainment –  I think we’ve done them all justice.


Writing a separate arc alongside me, I am very proud to say is comics legend Brian Buccellato, who has worked on many titles including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Hellblazer and The Black Bat.

The comic, with the title “Countdown to Danger”, will be released in four volumes starting in October 2018.

More details soon. 😀

San Diego Comic Con Schedule

My schedule for San Diego Comic Con is 99% finalised with highlights being appearances for BBC Books/BBC America, Titan Comics, Legendary Entertainment/Webtoon and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition.

Here are the details:

1130-1230 BBC Books Signing                                    BBC Books Booth (4129)
1800-1900 Legendary Panel                                        Room 29AB

1400-1500 Legendary Signing                                      Autograph area
1530-1630 Titan Comics Signing                                  Titan Booth (5537)
1730-1830 Titan Comics Panel                                     Room 7AB

1130-1230 BBC Books Signing                                      BBC Books Booth (4129)
1300-1400 Pop Culture Hero Coalition Panel                Room 25ABC

I will be using the Titan both (4129) as my base of operations and swinging by regularly if you want anything signed.

See you Stateside!

I am Writing for the 13th Doctor

I am seriously over the moon to confirm that I will be writing for Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. In an upcoming 62-page comic special we will see the newly regenerated 13th Doctor looking back at her previous lives for inspiration to take with her on her new journey and a peek forward, too.

Published by Titan on October 9th 2018, Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor – Volume #0 The Many Lives of Doctor Who will have two gorgeous variant covers – one by Claudia Ianicello and one by Will Brooks.


Writing for every incarnation of theDoctor – even the one he’d rather forget: the War Doctor – and each accompanied by his many friends. From Ian and Barbara (London 1965!)  through Sarah Jane Smith and Romana right up to Bill, the comic will serve as a prelude to the new TV series and also as a jumping on point for those who know nothing about Doctor Who!


One of the most exciting aspects of this projects is the fact I get to work with so many different artists – each one providing the artwork on a different Doctor – including those I have long wanted to work with but never have.

The line up includes Gioriga Sposito, Mariano Laclaustra, Arianna Florean, Iolanda Zanfardino, Neil Edwards and two of my 12th Doctor collaborators, Brian Williamson and Pasquale Qualano. Finally, I am seriously delighted that I get to work – at last – with Rachael Stott. Rachael is the official artist on Titan’s 13th Doctor ongoing series (to be written by Jody Houser) coming this autumn.

All the artists have produced seriously magnificent work and I can’t wait for you to see their artwork. Every frame is a masterpiece.

The GN won’t be out in time for San Diego Comic Con, but I will be signing my 12th Doctor collections at the Titan stand.

Although I probably won’t be in costume this year… 😉


Here be Dragons… well, Monsters.

I love Doctor Who. To anyone that knows me or has heard of me, that shouldn’t be news. But I mean I have always loved it… probably ever since I sat on my brother’s knee as a baby and watched Patrick Troughton’s last year as the Doctor.  I can’t remember it, but his brainwashing paid off!

Mum used to tell me stories about Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and how he would whisk us off to safety in the TARDIS to a planet where nothing could hurt us. And my emotional connection to the show was cemented forever…

Ever since then, I’ve been writing Doctor Who stories. And not just writing. I used to plan out everything – drawing the monsters, the costumes, the spaceships, even the weapons!

The other day, I was going through my stuff and fond some folders with a few of those stories and a few of the alien races I crated back when I was a teenager. Some of those have gone on to appear in my professional produced Doctor Who work.

I put a couple of the images up on Twitter and they seemed to go down well, so I thought I’d stick those on here, too, and add some more to the mix.

First up are a couple of “group shots” featuring the Sherridell, the Doradans and the Shiri. (My use of the colon/dash is killing me!)


I don’t want to say too much about any of the races in this update as they might still turn up in one form or another. But I think you can see that the Shiri are badass space marauders. They basically invaded and stripped planets of their natural resources – from minerals to people. Nasty.

The Doradans later became the Volsci for my Big Finish audio drama “Paradoxicide” (part of the 150th release, Recorded Time and Other Stories). By then they had become an all-female race of combative alines who are genetically engineered from embryos harvested from other races

The Volsci have a very strict caste system. All military Volsci wear dark grey/black body armour, veined with power conduits especially at the neck, wrists and trunk. Their skin tones do vary, although they are generally dark with black hair. They also wear Romans-style helmets. The central “plume” of these matches the colours of their “veins”.

Although there are many ranks, the three main ones are the officer-class CENTURIA (green), the terrifying INQUISA (yellow) who are powerful telepaths and experts at interrogation (and mental torture), and the regular troops, the MILITIA (red).

They are set to appear again in a new project coming soon!

In the next image we see a further three – Dom Raavi (leader of the Shiri) puts in another appearance and we meet the Torrinese and the (unimaginatively named) Phoenix.


These time-travelling avian lifeforms went on to become the Ra’ra’vis, who have appeared in two stories so far – my first Doctor Who comic strip for IDW, Time Fraud (drawn by Josh Adams) – and cropped up in last year’s Doctor Who: Myths & Legends (drawn by Adrian Salmon).

Going through these lever arch files (I think re-purposed from school), I’ve found a whole load of sketches for aliens that didn’t even get names!

Although, I think the guy on the far right is an Inquino from a story idea of the same title. That may one day see the light of day. Who knows? As to the others… well, clearly a dog (perhaps my Cubil Terroriers??), something based on a Siamese Cat (!) and a bear thing!

I did two sketches fo this next one and i have no recollection of who or what he or she is… maybe I should have a “name the alien competition’!!

He doesn’t look very happy. Was he a cactus? A lizard? Who knows? Who. Knows.

I didn’t just come up with my own creations. I also wanted to play with all the main villains. So, yes! Of course, we have the Daleks. The story I had in mind was set on a jungle planet and I wanted to pay homage to the Dalek emerging from the Thames or the sand or even being spray-painted.


So, I had a camouflage Dalek appearing from the undergrowth (a few decades before those Ironsides)! I also had a Commandant Dalek – the one in charge of their base. He has pulsing/flashing lights in his sense spheres. I’d still love to see that design aspect!

I also had a go at the Cybermen. I loved the 80s designs but (whisper it) I never liked the Cyber Controllers with their egg heads. I thought (think) they look a bit silly (the updated Doctor Who seemed to concur with Controllers simply showing off their brains…). So, I dubbed mine a “Co-ordinator” and made him more badass by giving him “evil” eyes and going back to Revenge of the Cybermen for a design aspect – the ridged handles!



Next time, I’ll take a look back (and forward!) at the creatures and races I’ve created since becoming a pro including: DahensaSiccati, Shoalies (now called Mermin), Omsonii, Metraxi, the Tyk, PathicolsPelikorti, Haxeen and Stena




Covers for Part 3 of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series

The covers for the 3rd part of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series were recently revealed in the May Previews. And aren’t they gorgeous?

The first is an artwork cover from Chris Jones and the second is a photographic one from Will Brooks.

The 7th Doctor mini-series is being published by Titan and the first double issue will be hitting the shelves on 6th June. The main strip – “Operation Volcano” – is being written by Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch with art by Chris Jones.

I am providing the back-up strip – “A Hill of Beans” – with art by the awesome Jessica Martin who played Mags the werewolf in the 7th Doctor story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy to which this strip is a sequel, and reunites Mags with the 7th Doctor and Ace.

You can pre-order the digital version of issue one on Amazon and you can pre-order all the printed issues with the different variants covers at  Forbidden Planet.

Full Covers revealed for 7th Doctor Comic

The final covers of the Seventh Doctor comic, for which I am writing the back up strip have been revealed in all their gorgeousness. They bear the the new Doctor Who logo – which I love – and lines up my name beside some pretty big Who luminaries. 🙂

Ben Aaronovitch (writer of the TV stories Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield as well as the runaway hit novel series, The Rivers of London) and Andrew Cartmel (former script editor on the show, the force behind the famous “Cartmel Masterplan” and author of the bestselling Vinyl Defective series of books) are penning the main story, Operation Volcano – all edited by the legendary John Freeman!


The art for this is being provided by the awesome Chris Jones who did the stunning artwork for the Third Doctor mini-series with colour by Marco Lesko. I am so thrilled that Jessica Martin – who is an amazing polymath when it comes to talent: actor, singer, comedian, writer and artist – is on art duties for my back up strip – A Hill of Beans. The colour on this will be provided by Charlie Kirchoff, who was on colour duties for my very first Doctor Who comic back in 2012.

Jessica played the character of Mags in the 7th Doctor story, the Greatest Show in the Galaxy and is not only bringing her artistic skills to bear on the project but also drawing Mags, created by Stephen Wyatt, as she is the guest star in the story.



The covers are all spectacular and have there are four variants as well as a blank “sketch” cover: A by Alice X Zhang, B by Will Brooks, C by Chris Jones himself and D by Simon Myers.

The comic launches with a double issue in June and you can pre-order it now.