Schedule for Gallifrey One Released!

My Guests Sessions at Gallifrey One: 31 Flavors of Gallifrey One  – the biggest and best Doctor Who convention in the world – have been confirmed.

I will have a number of copies of my multi-Doctor comic book for Titan the Many Lives fo Doctor Who with a selection of two covers and – because Pearl Mackie is a guest this year – I will also have copies of the 2017 Convention Special featuring a beautiful portrait of her on the cover by Alice X. Zhang.

My sessions are as follows:

Friday, February 14 

Kaffeeklatsch Richard Dinnick • Emma Reeves
As I do not have an autograph session on Friday, if you are there only for that day, please come along to the Kaffeeklatsch room at 12pm and I will be very happy to sign things then.

Doctor Who Comic Book Memories Richard Dinnick • Paul Cornell • Richard Starkings • Robert Napton • Scott Gray • Michael Collins

Missy: The Panel Richard Dinnick • Matt Fitton • Peter Anghelides • Catherine Jersey • Sylvia Lupien • Veronica Swarens

Doc the Casbah Richard Dinnick • Kendrick Hough • Alissa Morrow • Kim Rogers

Who’s Drunk History Is It Anyway? Richard Dinnick • Emma Reeves • Joanna Sherlyn Dunlap • Isa Gunther • Shawna Hafen • Keir Hansen • Andy Hicks • Willow Polson

Saturday, February 15 

Hit Me Now, or Tease Me Later? Gillian Horvath • Tony Lee • Richard Dinnick • Marv Wolfman • Arnold T Blumberg

Autographs Richard Dinnick • Barbara Hambly • Emma Reeves • Matt Rohman

Sunday, February 16 

Autographs Richard Dinnick • Christopher Jones • Matt Fitton • Michael E Briant

Writing in a Shared Universe Richard Dinnick • Barbara Hambly • Emma Reeves • Peter Anghelides • Una McCormack • Vinay Patel

Closing Ceremonies

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 🙂 x

I am Writing for the 13th Doctor

I am seriously over the moon to confirm that I will be writing for Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. In an upcoming 62-page comic special we will see the newly regenerated 13th Doctor looking back at her previous lives for inspiration to take with her on her new journey and a peek forward, too.

Published by Titan on October 9th 2018, Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor – Volume #0 The Many Lives of Doctor Who will have two gorgeous variant covers – one by Claudia Ianicello and one by Will Brooks.


Writing for every incarnation of theDoctor – even the one he’d rather forget: the War Doctor – and each accompanied by his many friends. From Ian and Barbara (London 1965!)  through Sarah Jane Smith and Romana right up to Bill, the comic will serve as a prelude to the new TV series and also as a jumping on point for those who know nothing about Doctor Who!


One of the most exciting aspects of this projects is the fact I get to work with so many different artists – each one providing the artwork on a different Doctor – including those I have long wanted to work with but never have.

The line up includes Gioriga Sposito, Mariano Laclaustra, Arianna Florean, Iolanda Zanfardino, Neil Edwards and two of my 12th Doctor collaborators, Brian Williamson and Pasquale Qualano. Finally, I am seriously delighted that I get to work – at last – with Rachael Stott. Rachael is the official artist on Titan’s 13th Doctor ongoing series (to be written by Jody Houser) coming this autumn.

All the artists have produced seriously magnificent work and I can’t wait for you to see their artwork. Every frame is a masterpiece.

The GN won’t be out in time for San Diego Comic Con, but I will be signing my 12th Doctor collections at the Titan stand.

Although I probably won’t be in costume this year… 😉


Covers for Part 3 of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series

The covers for the 3rd part of the 7th Doctor Mini-Series were recently revealed in the May Previews. And aren’t they gorgeous?

The first is an artwork cover from Chris Jones and the second is a photographic one from Will Brooks.

The 7th Doctor mini-series is being published by Titan and the first double issue will be hitting the shelves on 6th June. The main strip – “Operation Volcano” – is being written by Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch with art by Chris Jones.

I am providing the back-up strip – “A Hill of Beans” – with art by the awesome Jessica Martin who played Mags the werewolf in the 7th Doctor story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy to which this strip is a sequel, and reunites Mags with the 7th Doctor and Ace.

You can pre-order the digital version of issue one on Amazon and you can pre-order all the printed issues with the different variants covers at  Forbidden Planet.

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