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Me with my beloved “WRITER” baseball cap from Warner Brothers studio, Burbank, California!

Richard writes for TV, novels and comics.

Richard won the BBC Writersroom opportunity and was one of a handful of writers selected for NBC Universal’s Development Initiative in 2015 and again in 2016.

He is also currently developing his first original IP with Legendary Entertainment and writing for the third series of THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! for ITV and Amazon Studios.

He was Lead Writer on the Disney Hungama show EENA MEENA DEEKA and staff writer on the BBC’s BAFTA Award-winning TREE FU TOM.

Richard is the lead writer on Titan Publishing‘s 12th DOCTOR range of comics and is series writer on Running Press’s best-selling line of DOCTOR WHO books. Richard has also many DOCTOR WHO audios scripts and works of non-fiction to his name.

He has a track record in developing shows for existing IP and is also developing his own projects: NO KIDDING – a workplace drama cantered around a group of nursery school workers and THE LAST HORSEMAN – a fantasy drama that takes a look the Horsemen of the Apocalypse from a different angle.

A judge for the Children’s BAFTA Awards, Richard also writes prose and audio scripts for MGM’s STARGATE SG-1 and Sherlock Holmes – including adapting THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES and writing his own stories for Titan Publishing’s range of books.


Thunderbirds Are Go! ITV/Amazon Studios 2018
Eena Meena Deeka
(100 episodes)
Disney 2015-2016
Tree Fu Tom
(3 episodes)
BBC/Freemantle 2014 – 2016
(2 episodes)
 Majid Kids TV  2015
(1 episode)
 Majid Kids TV  2015
Go Jetters
(1 episode)
BBC/Worldwide 2015
Moshi Monsters TV Show (episode development) Mind Candy 2015
Development Script  BBC In House N/A
Development Script BBC In House N/A


The Last Horseman
PG13 Fantasy Drama
Murder of Crows
Crime Drama
No Kidding
Workplace Drama
Never After
Children’s Fantasy Drama 
Rip Tide
Espionage Thriller
Wild Card
Fall Out



 TBA 2018
 TBA 2018
Doctor Who:
12th Doctor (#3.10 – #3.13)
A Confusion of Angels
Titan Publishing Dec 2017 – March 2018
Doctor Who:
12th Doctor (#3.9)
Bill of Goods
Titan Publishing Nov 2017
Doctor Who:
12th Doctor (SDCC)
The Last Action Figure
Titan Publishing July 2017
Doctor Who:
12th Doctor (#3.5 – #3.7)
The Wolves of Winter
Titan Publishing July – Sept 2017
Doctor Who:
IDW 2013 Special
Time Fraud
IDW 2012
Doctor Who:
Adventures (issue #191)
The Lunar Tyk
BBC Magazines 2010



Richard has written novels and short stories for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who among other franchises. He is also working on his first YA novel.

Doctor Who: The Missy Chronicles BBC Books 2018
Doctor Who: Myths & Legends BBC Books 2017
Doctor Who: Underwater War Penguin Books 2016
Twisted Histories: Flaming Sword Snowbooks 2013
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventure of the Swaddled Railwayman
Titan Books 2013
Moshi Monsters: Super Moshi Missions Penguin Books 2012
Doctor Who: The Underwater War Penguin Books 2011
Doctor Who: Audio Short Trips – Neptune Big Finish 2011
Doctor Who: Audio Short Trips – A Star is Born Big Finish 2011
Bernice Summerfield: Present Danger – Past Caring Big Finish 2011
Stargate SGU Braking Point Titan 2011
Doctor Who: Short Trips – Neptune Big Finish 2005


Doctor Who: Supreme Dalek Running Press 2016
Doctor Who: Adipose Running Press 2016
Doctor Who: Weeping Angel Running Press 2015
Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver Running Press 2014
Doctor Who: Cyberman Running Press 2013
Doctor Who: Dalek
Running Press 2013
Doctor Who: TARDIS
Running Press 2013
Doctor Who Anniversary Sticker Book
Penguin Books 2013
You and Who: Contact Has Been Made
(Volume 1)
– Day of the Daleks
Miwk Publishing 2013
Behind the Sofa: a Memory of Doctor Who Troubador Publishing 2012
Moshi Monsters: The Official Collectable Figures Guide 
Penguin Books 2012
The Big Finish Companion – Volume I Big Finish 2011
A History of the Internet Pocket Essentials 2002
The Internet Atlas Parkgate Books 2000


The Big Finish Companion – Volume II Big Finish 2013


Richard has written original scripts for many franchises as well as adapting several thrillers.


Stargate SG1 Duplicity
Big Finish  2012
Doctor Who – The Rings of Ikira Big Finish  2012
Doctor Who – The Wanderer Big Finish  2012
Sherlock Holmes – The Tangled Skein Big Finish  2012
Sherlock Holmes – The Hound of the Baskervilles Big Finish  2011
Doctor Who – Recorded Time Big Finish  2011
Bernice SummerfieldDead Man’s Switch Big Finish  2010
Sapphire & Steel  The Surest Poison Big Finish  2006
Space: 1889The Lunar Inheritance Noise Monster  2005


Sherlock Holmes: Season 2 (Big Finish Productions)

The Final Problem/The Empty House Big Finish 2011
The Reification of Hans Gerber Big Finish 2011
The Hound of the Baskervilles Big Finish 2011
The Tangled Skein Big Finish 2012


Richard has been a journalist for over 20 years, cutting his teeth on local news in Surrey before moving onto business magazines; starting at Director as editorial assistant before moving to Real Business as assistant editor.

In the late 90s, he decided to specialise in the internet and moved onto Internet Magazine. During this time he appeared on numerous TV and radio programmes talking about internet-related matters. He was also shortlisted for the PTC journalist of the year award in 1999.

Richard has worked many magazines, periodicals and even on ‘Fleet Street’:

The Sunday Express Reporter
Internet Magazine Editorial & Staff Writer
Real Business  Editorial & Staff Writer
Leisure World (Sodexho customer magazine) Editorial & Staff Writer
Ascot World (Ascot Race Course magazine) Editorial & Staff Writer
Director Magazine Editorial
Esher News & Mail Staff Writer
Caterer & Hotelkeeper Reporter
FHM     Reporter
WebUser  Reporter
Nursery World Reporter
Nursery Management Today Reporter
and SF related publications:
Doctor Who DVD Files Magazine Reporter
Doctor Who Insider (US) Reporter

Richard has also written content for websites and brochures as well as ghost writing academic publications.

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