Final volume of Lost In Space graphic novel coming this December

The final volume of my Lost In Space tie-in series of graphic novels is being published by Simon & Schuster on December 14th. You can find details of the publication on the product page.

The release dqte is important as it links to when the third and final series of the hit Netflix TV show will drop.

This volume also collects all the previous stories with amazing art by Zid and El Garing and features the epic two-part adventure, When Worlds Collide, that sees the classic crew of the 1960s Jupiter meet their modern counterparts in a story that celebrates all eras of Lost in Space! 

I had a blast writing the crossover event story and the art makes it look like the panels are frames of an actual filmed episode with two of everyone (Will, Penny, the Robot, Dr Smith, and the whole crew) in slightly different guises and the return of an old foe from the classic TV show – with my own twist on things…

Not to be missed!